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Sarah Adamo was the proud wife to the late Jacob Adamo, the colors guy, for 15 years. She is Mama to their 7 amazing children, 5 of which were delivered by Jacob and born at home. Jacob and Sarah shared a passion for healthy communication and supported each other in their businesses.

After Jacob’s sudden passing in April of 2018, Sarah picked up his baton and continues on with his message of better communication through understanding the unique characteristics of each personality and blending them to achieve more balanced relationships.

She is an International Speaker and travels with the Magnificent 7. She is a Platinum in Young Living and currently lives in Eastern Tennessee with her children.

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Sarah’s Road Trip Tips when Traveling with Magnificent 7

Sarah’s Road Trip Tips when Traveling with Magnificent 7

Let's see how 8 people roadtrip for 3 weeks.... Products mentioned and where to find them: Emesis Bags: Ebags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit:…/eba…/pack-it-flat-toiletry-kit/54638 BioMat (Biobelt and Mini Biomat...

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Sarah Adamo shares her gracious story of grief (part 1 of 2)

Sarah Adamo shares her gracious story of grief (part 1 of 2)

Sarah Adamo shares her gracious story of grief (part 1 of 2) About a year ago, Sarah Adamo walked into the Emergency Room with her husband, Jacob. He’d been dealing with some health issues which- in the 20/20 perspective hindsight offers us- had been creeping on him...

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